Lloyd’s top priorities are Theft, Burglary and Robbery

A cold case prosecutor running to immediately and drastically reduce property crime levels

Lloyd "Bobcat" Masson is a prosecutor, not a politician. Since Gascon has taken office, Bobcat has tried more murders than all the other candidates combined. He is also the only candidate that has never been affiliated or registered with any political party (NPP).


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As a former hardcore gang DA for almost 6 years, I have handled the meanest cases in the largest county in the United States. From gang members killing an active US Marine and working with NCIS, to highly publicized mutli-agency task force take downs of extremely violent gangs, I know how to drop the hammer when it's needed.

As a cold case homicide prosecutor for the last four years, I know what it's like to bring hope back to families when they've given up decades ago. I am running to bring hope back to Los Angeles County. L.A. needs someone who’s fair and not too hot, but also definitely not too cold.

LA needs a DA who will be direct and tell criminals that play time is over.


LA needs a strong DA to tell criminals that play time is over. Priority one for me is immediately dropping the hammer on all robbery, burglary and theft-related offenses, including follow-home robberies, car thefts, retail theft and catalytic converter thefts.


An old school, tough on crime mentality will not be enough to get crime under control, just as the current emphasis on no jail time has not worked.


The homeless crisis is not something the DA can solve alone, so I am committed to forging alliances with all interested parties, public and private, and working together with each affected community for a solution.


We need people to feel safe in LA so they can go about their lives without constant reminders and fear of the high crime.

I will fight tenaciously for LA County. I'm running to reduce the out of control theft and robbery problem LA has.


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