About Lloyd Bobcat MASSON

I am running for DA to restore our DA’s office to its rightful spot of nationwide preeminence for public safety and results.

As a fourth generation Angeleno and career prosecutor who loves our county, it has killed me watching one man tear the office down. At the end of the day, the DA’s office is a trial firm, and its current head has never done a single trial himself. LADA needs a leader like me who knows how to connect with the community and our justice partners and succeed in court.

Since Gascon has taken office, I have tried more murder trials (7) than every other candidate combined. Overall, I’ve spent three quarters of my career handling my office’s most serious cases: the last four years as my office’s cold case prosecutor, and, before that, five-plus years in the hardcore gang unit. A bobcat will never attack someone unless it's been cornered, and right now many residents of LA County feel cornered by crime. I am tenacious and will fight for our residents.

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